Meet Scribo AI, Your New Content Assistant

Create high-converting product descriptions for your e-commerce business in just a few simple steps.

With Scribo it's like having a legion of copywriters at your disposal giving you ideas and crafting killer copy that sells.

Built for professionals that understand the value of great content at scale


Access Scribo's AI algorithm with a few clicks and get all the copy you need for your brand in seconds.


Scale your creative offerings and impress your clients with instant turnaround time for content requests.


Scribo is built from the ground up for privacy and we prioritize brand safety. All generated copy is scanned and assigned a brand safety label from safe to toxic.

What exactly is Scribo AI?

Scribo is a revolutionary AI-based copywriting and content generation platform that is helping thousands of e-commerce business owners turbo-charge their creativity in just a matter of seconds.

It also has the ability to learn by itself and become better at writing as it learns from you.

Why Choose Scribo AI?

  • Our AI is highly specialized in e-commerce
  • Tailored copy to each client's personal need
  • Highly SEO optimized copy for your online store
  • Extremely fast
  • The best pricing on the market

Customers are loving our work

Don't believe our words, believe theirs.

“You made it so simple. My new Shopify store is now live and before Scribo I had no idea where to even start with my copy. It saved me so much time and money!”


Wade Anderson

eCommerce Business Owner

“With Scribo, I can now serve almost twice as more clients. I'm all for efficiency and I absolutely love how tech is making our lives easier every day.”


Catherine Morton

Freelance Copywriter

“I am very impressed with how powerful this tool really is. My team absolutely loves it! A real game changer for branding and marketing in fashion.”


Xiuying Brown

Fashion Industry



For individuals looking to get started.

  • 1 user
  • 100 runs a day
  • Access to all our templates
  • 24/7 support

For businesses looking for unlimited creation.

The future of copywriting is here

Marketing agencies

Minimize the time that you spend on discovery and start generating more revenue than ever before

Store and organize all of your clients' content in one place, so it's easy for you to find anything they are looking for


Reduce the time you spend on ideating and start spending more time on landing new customers

Create content in a range of industries and brand tones to fit the needs of any client

E-commerce owners

Craft high-converting Product Descriptions for your newly launched online store within seconds

Outrank the competition with SEO-optimized content that simply sells

Ready to write?

Bring your content to life.