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Craft personalized AI helpers designed just for you, freeing up your time for important tasks while automation ensures you always have access to information, day or night.

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Unlock productivity at scale

Research shows that generative AI can increase your team's productivity by 50%,
helping them to work faster, focus on significant problems, stay in the flow longer,
and feel more fulfilled at work.


Automate repetitive tasks

More than an assistant, Scribo AI is platform that helps create intelligent agents that complete time-consuming actions in other platforms on your behalf.


Unlock knowledge

From Sales and Support to Ops and Engineering, every team moves smarter and faster with Scribo AI.


Customize your AI assistant(s)

Powerful admin settings let you create and tailor assistants to any area of work expertise you can think of, without writing any code.

Use cases

Leverage AI to provide fast, accurate, personalized information to customers and employees.

For employees & students

Improve productivity by reducing time spent searching for information and focusing on higher-value work.

For customers

Get quick, accurate, personalized answers and 24/7 availability for self-service.

For businesses

Increase sales with better customer engagement, reduce support costs and improve employee productivity.

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Plans that suit every budget

We believe in flexibility, which is why all our plans can be easily adjusted to accommodate your evolving needs.
Whether you're scaling up or down, we've got your back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our platform empowers you to train your assistant using your own data, allowing for a more customized and tailored conversational experience.

Our platform supports a wide range of data types, including text, chat logs, customer interactions, and more. You can leverage any relevant data that helps your assistant understand and respond effectively.

We provide solutions to accommodate datasets of different sizes, ensuring that you can train your assistant using as much data as needed. However, specific limits may vary based on your goal.

The training duration depends on factors such as the size of your dataset, complexity of the conversational model, and computing resources. In general, the training process can range from a few minutes to several hours.

Absolutely! Our platform supports continuous learning and improvement. You can fine-tune your assistant's training by incorporating new data, refining its responses, and enhancing its conversational abilities even after the initial training phase.

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