Meet Scribo AI, Your New Personal Brand Assistant

Identify both strengths and vulnerabilities in your brand with our powerful, AI-based social media engine and learn more about what your audience expects from you.

It's like having an army of data scientists in your pocket producing instant, accurate, data-backed qualitative insights for your business.

Case Study: How Social Media Sees Amber Heard After The Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Built for professionals that understand the value of customer feedback

Brand management

Constantly monitor your social media channels and collect positive and negative sentiment about your brand and its offerings.

Customer service response

Bolster customer service empathy by detecting the emotional tone of your customers and learn how your customer service does its job.

Product analysis

Closely monitor how customers react to your newly launched product, understand which elements are the points of contention and determine what it means for your business.

Empower your team with the world's easiest analytics

Track what is being said about your brand online and access KPIs that matter: engagement, volume, sentiment, demographics & geographies.

Simply log in and start getting results immediately, in real time. Becoming a data driven marketer has never been easier.

Why Choose Scribo AI?

  • Highly Accurate Consumer Perception Insights
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis
  • Analyzable Data From Multiple Sources
  • Results Generated In Realtime

Customers are loving our work

Don't believe our words, believe theirs.

“You made it so simple. My revamped Shopify store is now live and before Scribo AI I had no idea how the new design would be perceived. It saved me so much time and money!”


Wade Anderson

eCommerce Business Owner

“With Scribo AI, I can now serve almost twice as many clients. I'm all for efficiency and I absolutely love how tech is making our lives easier every day. The dashboard is super easy to use, too!”


Catherine Morton

Brand Manager

“I am very impressed with how powerful this tool really is. My team absolutely loves it! A real game changer for branding and marketing in fashion. Having all our feedback in one place is huge!”


Xiuying Brown


How Scribo AI Helps Your Business

Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social sentiment analysis is not only vital to understanding your customers emotion and brand perception, but also helps define your next marketing strategy.

Uncover Unmet Customer Needs

Through meeting the customer overall needs, there will be a higher UX score. In addition, these unmet needs also come as additional revenue for your business!

Improve Your Customer Service

Identify your clients frustration and address it immediately, so your business doesn't lose immediate revenue and complaining clients to your competitors.

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